Proctoring Service



To meet the needs of individuals pursuing further education, the Cherokee Public Library offers test proctoring when adequate staffing, facilities, and technology are available. The library will proctor written and electronic tests.


Student responsibilities:

  •         Contact the library at least one week in advance to ensure the director or full-time staff member is available to oversee the test.
  •          Arrange for exam materials to be sent to the library (either electronically or by mail).
  •          Ensure that the library has adequate technology if a computer is needed.
  •          Present photo identification when test is administered.


Exams must be completed at least half an hour before closing, unless arrangements have been made with library staff.


Library responsibilities:

  •            If it is a written exam, provide a space for student to take exam.
  •           If it is an electronic exam, reserve a public computer in advance for student to take exam.
  •          Verify photo identification.
  •       Issue exam.
  •          Periodically observe student if time allows.
  •          Return completed exam if necessary.


The library is not responsible for exams after they leave the library’s possession.


The library is not responsible for a student’s performance, even if conditions are not optimal for test taking.


The library does not keep copies of completed exams.