Meeting Rooms

Meeting and study/tutoring rooms are primarily designed to accommodate library programs and events. Library use will take precedence.

Non-profit groups may use rooms within policy guidelines during open hours at no charge. All meetings must take place during library open hours unless arrangements are made with the library director. A fee of $20 per hour is charged to cover the cost of having a staff member available outside normal hours with a minimum fee of $20 per occasion.

Doors must remain unlocked and blinds must remain open when rooms are in use. The dividing curtain in the lower level room may be pulled if desired. Visual or audio privacy is not guaranteed and arrangements will not be made to provide confidentiality for any group.

Requests for use of rooms will be considered on an individual basis and reservations will be made accordingly. Unreserved use of rooms must be cleared with the staff on duty. 

Meeting/Study Room on lower level:

Access by the public to the west end of the room is expected at all times unless the library director has given permission for that section of the room to be closed.

Meeting Room & Children’s Programming Room:

Simple food and drink may be served but must be confined to the interior of the room. Cleanup is expected to take place immediately following the event by members of the hosting group.

Room capacity guidelines:


Meeting Room/ Study Room on lower level:                                 25 (east side)   

                                                                                                    15 (west side)

 Tutoring Rooms in children’s department:                                   10 (large room) 

                                                                                                      4 (small room)

Children’s Programming Room:                                                    50