Library Card

Who can get a library card, how to apply, and how to use your library card.

  • Residents of the city of Cherokee, the city of Larrabee, and rural Cherokee County age 16 and over are eligible for a regular library card.  Children under 16 are issued a library card after a parent or guardian presents id and signs as the responsible adult for library card.  If a student aged 16 to 17 does not have their own identification, a parent or guardian must provide the id and sign the card.
  • Persons living in the other municipal areas of the county or Iowa residents outside of Cherokee County are eligible for an Open Access library card through the Open Access program sponsored by the State Library of Iowa.
  • Anyone applying for a library card needs to have a form of id and proof of address. A photo id (driver's license) is preferred but a printed check blank, utility bill or work identification card may be accepted. 
  • Temporary cards may be issued to out of state residents who are in Cherokee for a short time. Cards will be issued on an individual basis with permission from the library director.
  • Library cards are renewed annually.