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Going Batty

Laura Kohn, the naturalist, kicked off our Summer Reading Program "Dream Big... READ" with a program about an active night animal, BATS!


   One hundred sixteen dreamers of all sizes and ages attended the kick-off program, “Dream Big . . . READ”, library program on Tuesday, June 19 at the Sanford Museum.  Laura Kohn, the naturalist from the Cherokee County Conservation office, shared many interesting facts about bats.  When she said they should invite bats to the next BBQ they might have the boys and girls looked at her like they didn’t think that was such a good idea.  But when she told them that bats can eat up to one thousand mosquitoes in one hour they decided they might want to try it out. 

   Laura also did a game with the children to help them understand how a bat uses echoes to help it know if it’s going to run into something.  They really had fun trying out their bat sensory skill.

   Finally, she had them come up to the front to look more closely at the bat house and tiny bats in a plastic container.  Each child got to take home a bat activity.  A big thank you to Laura for helping us understand that bats are good mammals to have around and how they help keep other insects in control.

   I’d also like to thank the Sanford Museum staff for providing a place to house our programs. 



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